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Cleaning Verification MAde easy


RRP WIPES was developed for Cleaning Verification by the Certified Renovator. While teaching the RRP classes, Mark discovered from his students that RRP WIPEScould be attached to a commercially available dust mop head (like a swiffer(R)) and the workers could wet wipe a floor or wall surface saving time and money.  Additionally, the worker, in most cases, would not have to climb a ladder to reach the upper cleaning areas thus removing the fall safety aspect.  

Misting the poly to prevent the release of dust is a good idea, except the water usually leaks out from the poly creating a larger mess to clean up.  RRP FOAM was designed to prevent this from happening.  RRP FOAM is a special pump-up foamer with a concentrated Patented foam called FiberStop.  This Patented foam will greatly reduce dust and cut final clean-up time to a minimum.  Use on poly to collect dust, chips and debris during final cleaning.  Spray on chipping painted surfaces to prevent the release of pain chips during component removal.  Spray on textured ceiling material as it will not saturate into the wallboard paper.  


In 2009, Federal EPA began training contractors for the coming RRP Regulation 40 CFR 745.  While attending a class, the students questioned what should be used for cleaning verification.  Baby wipes will damage the surface and leave behind soaps and oils.  Contractors needed a product that would work on all surfaces and be MADE IN AMERICA!

Mark set out to find a producer of an AMERICAN MADE product that would help the RRP Certified Renovator complete their Cleaning Verification and RRP WIPES was born.